t Fabrice Starzinskas - Exploring creative convergence

Hello, my name is Fabrice. I operate at the crossroads
between strategy, innovation and creativity.

"What is it that you do again?"

I imagine, design and produce creative systems,
for personal, commercial, or purely experimental purposes,
alone or within an agile team of talents I assemble or join.

The industry labels me as a creative technologist/strategist/director/slasher (sic)
Let's say that I'm a curious guy looking for fresh and respecful ways to trigger emotions, tell stories, and that technology is my medium of choice.

After a few years in digital / social media communication (TBWA, We Are Social), and 3 intense years managing Bright Studio, I am now available for freelance while working on the launch of my next adventure, Rosettta


Let's talk!

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I'm always happy to take part to panels or events, exchange about my experience and the vision I crafted over the years, meet new people, help when I can & tutor motivated students.

I also speak for brands & agencies on various formats,
still tweet, and check my Linkedin when Netflix won't load.

Let's talk!